Engineering Fascination

Mechanical Engineering / Pipeline Construction

An experienced team of specially trained mechanical engineers and pipeline technicians is at your service for implementing complex industrial plant engineering projects. Installing pumps, compressors, instruments, pressure tanks and connecting pipelines are some of the tasks in this area.

With the aid of cutting edge 3D engineering tools and calculation programs, even the most challenging assignments can be carried out efficiently.

Our services cover a broad range and include:

  • plant layout planning
  • vessel and instrument specifications
  • Pump selection and specifications
  • Pipeline dimensioning and planning (incl. statics)
  • Pipe diagrams in 2D and 3D
  • Isometrics
  • Pipe classification
  • Component lists

From executing a variety of projects in the chemical and petrochemical industries we are now able to work with different media, pressures and pipe categories as a matter of routine.

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